You will find all necessary information about driving in Europe by clicking on the following link: is a great website to help you plan your route and plan your budget too !

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions/queries: 0800 EUROPE (387 673)


Driving in Portugal:

Portuguese Authorities (Customs) require all customers driving a tax-free Citroen vehicle in Portugal (whether collected in Portugal, or not) to be able to prove that they are not spending more than 90 days in Portugal. This means that you must obtain a GUIA DE CIRCULACAO document on border entry or at a customs office at a major airport or city within Portugal. We recommend that the person named on the order form/contract obtains the GUIA DE CIRCULACAO prior to driving in Portugal. There is a small charge for this document.


NEW !Special information for Switzerland:

Swiss legislation stipulates that each driver arriving in Switzerland must declare themselves at Customs by completing a “15-30″ document (available from Customs offices). This document costs around 25CHF (around NZ$33). We recommend that you complete it at the border or at one of the country’s main Customs offices. Non-compliance with these provisions may lead to substantial Customs penalties.