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Best Price Guarantee conditions

Citroen Drive Europe - Best Price Guarantee conditions

As at the date of publication of this Best Price Guarantee, Citroen Drive Europe (a division of Drive Holidays Limited) is the only New Zealand owned agent authorised to market the Citroen Euro Pass product in New Zealand. Citroen Euro Pass is the official name of the programme in Europe.

Our staff have almost 30 years of combined experience and are generally contactable 24/7 by phoning Delwyn’s mobile on 021 08 61 33 79.

If you have a written quote for a Citroen Euro Pass product in New Zealand dollars, from a travel agent or business registered in New Zealand that does not transact their Citroen Euro Pass business through Citroen Drive Europe, we will beat the quoted price on the following conditions:

  • The quote is brought to us before you place your booking;
  • Your booking with us is subject to, and you meet all the requirements of, the Citroen Drive Europe Booking Conditions;
  • You book directly with Citroen Drive Europe or one of our preferred travel agents;
  • The quote is for the same dates, collection and return locations and vehicle type;
  • The quote is genuine and valid;
  • The quote is given by a person authorised to market the Citroen Euro Pass product in New Zealand (or their agent); and
  • You will book and pay your deposit at the time we beat the quote.

We, or our preferred travel agent, reserve the right to make the appropriate enquiries to confirm that the quote is genuine and valid. If it is, we will BEAT it.

Important Notes:

The quoted/requested Citroen vehicle is still subject to vehicle availability/confirmation at the time of booking.

Any inaccurate advice or information that you may have received from any company other than Citroen Drive Europe will not be honoured by Citroen Drive Europe.

Our Best Price Guarantee does not extend to rental car quotes, however we welcome any rental car quote of three weeks or more to compare our price and inclusions/exclusions with theirs. You may be surprised at what a rental car excludes, and what the Citroen Drive Europe product includes.

This Best Price Guarantee offer and conditions may be modified or withdrawn by us at any time, without prior notice.

19 October 2018