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Fuel prices in Europe

Fuel prices can vary quite considerably throughout Europe.

Click here for a really good website, to help you budget.



Unless there is a relatively high upfront vehicle price difference, diesel cars are generally the best way to go. But they do sell out first, so please keep this in mind when making your decision to book your car.

Electric and Hybrid (electric+petrol) vehicles are also starting to enter the market. We can advise you on the pros and cons if you are considering one of these models.

Feel free to give us a call so we can give you the best advice.


A tip for filling your car, particularly on the weekend...

In France, TOTAL ACCESS fuel stations are usually unattended. However, unlike most other unattended sites, they appear to accept New Zealand credit cards without needing a PIN (or signature - if attended) up to a maximum of €150. (Note: this is not the case with self-service TOTAL sites - they must be TOTAL ACCESS.) Their prices also appear to be on a par with supermarket prices which is great.

Something else to note is that a growing number of supermarkets have replaced the cashier that used to sit in the Caisse to take payment after filling. Instead, there is a Borne (payment machine) outside the Caisse. You pay with Euro notes (before filling) and receive a receipt with a code on it. You then go to any pump, enter the code and start filling.