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Winter Driving Information

From November to March, or outside these dates if the weather and road conditions require, you may need a vehicle with winter tyres depending on where you plan to drive. Click here for more information.

All of our vehicles, except the Berlingo GRIP, are fitted with assembly-line 'multi-purpose' tyres. These tyres are suitable for varied driving conditions, excluding extreme conditions such as the presence of snow or ice.

The Berlingo GRIP has Grip technology, plus mud & snow tyres. This combination meets the legal requirements for "winter tyres". The Grip Control system (a special patented control system) manages all 4-wheels together with the steering wheel angle and brakes, to provide the best grip possible. This means that when the Grip function is activated (via a dial setting controlled by the driver), you will receive improved grip and traction in snowy conditions, when travelling at speeds of below 80km/hr.

Snow chains may still be required and, subject to availability, can be ordered with your vehicle (additional cost). Alternatively you can purchase these locally in Europe from large supermarkets, fuel stations or auto-parts shops in regions that require them. Outlets include: Norauto, Leclerc Auto, Carrefour Auto in France and Citroen dealers.

Please give us a call to discuss where you are planning to drive so we can give you the best advice possible.